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Finally, you can legally suck leads from Facebook harnessing the power of this Ultimate Facebook marketing software. Experience the power of Facebook marketing automation that you have ever seen!

This is EVERY Facebook marketer’s DREAM software with the ability to literally do everything on AUTOPILOT! Yes! A software that can give a new turn to your Facebook marketing experience without using some black hat or dirty tricks! No need to spend massive money on bringing traffic that doesn’t work.

There is no need to search for your targeted audience or to buy Facebook ads when FB Marketing Automation can do everything for you!

It is an amazing Fb marketing software exclusively for businesses that use Facebook for online marketing.

Watch how easy to promote your product directly to your potential customers

Watch the complete demo

If you’ve ever tried marketing on Facebook, I’m sure you’ve faced at least ONE of the following problems.

Spending HUGE sums of money on Facebook Advertisements to generate new leads
Keeping prior customers engaged in your products has been a CHALLENGE
You can’t seem to do as well as your competitors, and standing out from the crowd is NOT something you thrive at

Chances are, you’re probably struggling with AT LEAST one of the above….. and that’s okay!

You’re not alone. The fact that SO MANY people are struggling with these exact problems was the main reason we took action to create FB Marketing Automation.

It allows you to fully automate your Facebook marketing campaigns WITHOUT the need to spend huge sums of money on bringing traffic that doesn’t work and WITHOUT the need to utilize dirty SPAM, or other tricks that people hate.
There is no need to search for your targeted audience or to buy Facebook ads when FB Marketing Automation can do everything for you!


Reach NEW LEADS without having to spend a single dime on expensive Facebook ads


Emulate human interactions! People orFacebook wont suspect you are using a software to manage your Facebook account and interaction with them!


Ensures any correspondence with your target users goes to their INBOX and not the dreaded ‘other folder’ that a lot of marketing messages seem to arrive in!


USE Facebook’s powerful graph search to customize your results


Make your posts go VIRAL with the ‘auto-tagging’ feature


Make your PAGES go viral with the ‘auto-invite’ feature


AUTOMATICALLY solve Facebook’s security captcha so that everything is 100% automated and hands-free for you!


SCHEDULE your campaign so you can hit your target users when they are MOST active! (A great way to get your message in front of people when they are online)


AMAZING scraper that will allow you to steal your competitors email list by using a “Real Email Scraper” and will even scrape a group you’re not in!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the FBMarketingAutomation software work on a Mac computer? This Facebook marketing software is for a PC running on a Microsoft windows operating system. However, you can run Windows software on a Mac by installing the free VirtualBox virtualization software. Install a copy of Windows inside the VirtualBox software on your Mac. There are several videos on YouTube that show how this can be done. When can i receive the software details after I purchase? The license details will be sent to your PayPal email immediately after the transaction. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM/JUNK FOLDER OF YOUR EMAIL BOX. Does FBMarketingAutomation have a monthly recurring payment to use the system? No, if you purchase today! However, we are planning to introduce a monthly subscription in the future. If you purchase today you are locked with the onetime payment offer. Will There Be Software Updates? Yes! The software is updated very often. The beauty of having it on our servers is that you’ll never notice the updates being done and will always have the most up-to-date version running! Do you provide training on using FBMarketing Automation? Yes! We have step by step tutorials showing you how to set up your campaigns. It’s very easy to do and you will probably not even need to watch a tutorial, but if you want a step by step training we have it all covered for you! How Many Computers Does My License Allow To Use? If you purchase the Premium license then you are allowed to install it on both of your desktop and laptop computers. Can I purchase additional license? Absolutely. Just contact us if you need additional license.If you have any additional questions. Feel free to email us at

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